Circularity is the key, the No.1 Malaysia Aluminum Recycling company.


We thrive to build a resilient world through circularity. 

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Circularity. Aluminum Recyling Malaysia

Our Purpose

We have a clear vision for a more resilient world, a world in which we can breathe clean air, a world where a beautiful landscape full of green trees flourishes, a world free of the climate threat and floods. 


A world where resources were never wasted, and it’s enough for every one of us through centuries. Through the circular economy, our ambitious vision could be possible with you. 


By creating a circular economy focused on effectively managing waste, pollution, and the recycling process. We aim to repurpose products and materials in use so that we do not exhaust the resources of our beloved planet. 


We are focusing on providing aluminum scrap & dross recovery, carbon anode butt, recycling and waste process management

Aluminum Scrap & Dross Recovery

Industrial Waste
Circularity. Aluminum Recyling Malaysia

We believe that aluminum is the building block of a circular economy. Thanks to aluminum’s unique quality, it can be recycled infinitely…

Carbon Anode Butt

Carbon anode butt is the residual part of the prebaked carbon block that was used in the electrolytic tank. It is high in calorific value and low in moisture.

Recycling and Waste Process Management

With our extensive experience in the industrial waste industry, our expert sales team can help to turn trash from your company into the treasure of another company.

Be a part of our circular economy.

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